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Meet WalkSafe

 Fearless Adventures is thrilled to announce our partnership with WalkSafe!


We plan to build a global safety brand that harnesses technology to help save lives. WalkSafe has already acquired more than 500,000 downloads, and this number just continues to grow.

What is the WalkSafe app?

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The innovative and free-to-download app has been developed with the ambition of helping make the world a safer place. Although it is an app that shouldn’t exist, it has been created to safeguard women against the fear of violence or the threat of it when they walk from A to B.

WalkSafe’s clever use of technology and crime data helps users avoid dangerous hotspots while walking alone. The app includes a map showing crime figures taken from regularly updated police data, as well as features that allow users to alert contacts if they’re feeling unsafe while walking.

Emma Kay, the founder of WalkSafe, said: “Like countless women, I’ve experienced being groped, flashed at and harassed with no provocation. Thankfully, I have been able to turn that fear and danger into something useful. So I’m proud that our technology empowers women, and has quickly become the most popular trusted safety app”.

Why did Fearless Adventures invest?

We knew from our first initial conversation with Emma that our values for WalkSafe aligned, and having newly invested in The Women’s Code, which is a commitment to support the advancement of female entrepreneurship, we knew WalkSafe was the perfect partner.

Rachel Mcdonald, our Managing Director, explains: “As a team at Fearless Adventures we fundamentally believe in Emma’s vision for WalkSafe, that technology combined with police crime data can genuinely help save lives. The new tech already has national attention and we see this app becoming the leading personal safety service. Emma’s commitment and passion are infectious and made it a very easy investment decision for us. We’re excited to offer them access to high-quality talent and marketing expertise to really scale their business.”

Why did WalkSafe choose Fearless Adventures?

On partnering with Fearless, Emma stated: “To help more women live without fear, who better to partner with than Fearless? With their best-in-class support, we’ll build a global safety brand that harnesses technology to help save lives. The entrepreneurial team shares our strong values, and with multiple successes under their belt, are the best partner to help us achieve our ambitious goals.”

Fearless Adventures wholeheartedly believes in Emma’s vision for WalkSafe and feels strongly about excelling on this platform.