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The Summit by Fearless Adventures

We've launched a podcast: The Summit by Fearless Adventures! 🏔

Hosted by David Newns and Dominic McGregor, this podcast is for anyone who is an aspiring founder or loves a great story.

The first three episodes are now live! 

Alan Chambers - Polar Adventurer


Alan Chambers is a polar adventurer who led the first unsupported British expedition to the North Pole. 

Alan's career started at the age of 16 when he enlisted in the Royal Marines, since then he has taken his experience in leadership onto the ice, founding The Extreme Leaders to lead expeditions to the north and south poles.

Alan talks to David and Dominic about how he has developed patience as a skill, learned to lead from the back and how the right mindset can inspire you to achieve anything.

Emma Kay - Founder of WalkSafe


Emma Kay founded WalkSafe to provide tools and knowledge to help keep people safe when walking alone.

Emma shares some of her own personal experiences of being harassed when walking home from school and how those experiences inspired her to take action later in life. 

Freddy Ward - Co-founder of Wild



Freddy Ward cut his teeth in sales and marketing at HelloFresh and quickly rose up the ranks to become the Director of Sales and Marketing. In 2019, Freddy co-founded Wild with his childhood friend and started producing sustainable deodorant.

Freddy talks about his experience watching HelloFresh grow to a £100m company in an increasingly competitive market, learning from his mistakes and the rigours of building a startup business

There will be a new episode every week. You can subscribe to The Summit by Fearless Adventures on your podcast streaming service of choice and find the video on our YouTube channel