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The Summit with Stephanie Ledigo, founder of GO:PR

Stephanie Ledigo is the founder of GO:PR an agency that specialises in celebrity campaigns and events.

When the global pandemic forced everybody to stay at home Stephanie pivoted into creating unique gift boxes so her clients could still celebrate their big days. Now TheZoomBox is a growing business catering to a host of celebrity clients.


Stephanie talks to David and Dominic about starting her own agency, taking a can-do approach to clients and the challenges of being a female founder.

Key information from the podcast

  • Stephanie got her start in Events & PR by helping small businesses that couldn’t afford advertising at the radio station where she worked.
  • Her experiences working in call centres helped her develop her communication skills, enabling her to establish a wide network and build lasting relationships.
  • Stephanie's list of celebrity clients is extensive with the likes of Harry & Megan, Michelle Obama & Nick Jonas among her clientele. Her first celebrity client was Tanya Bardsley. 
  • GO:PR was originally named Ledigo PR, however, her Dad copyrighted the name Ledigo, so she couldn’t use it for her business. But this was favourable as she believed her business could never grow to the brand she wanted it to be if the focus was on her rather than her team.
  • Started TheZoomBox during the pandemic and has rapidly grown since. 
  • Her passion, energy and ambition stem from overcoming problems with her weight; the experience gave her a new perspective on life.