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A Day in the Life of Our Operations Director

Adam Garnsey, our Operations Director, heads up the Marketing team. His job is to build a team of channel experts to help partners achieve their growth goals.

Screenshot 2022-05-20 at 14.59.44Last week we announced our exciting partnership with Swim Society. They aim to disrupt the fashion industry with inclusive, sustainable swimwear.

Swim Society now has access to our fearless team of performance marketing specialists who help to grow their business.

Adam’s most recent experience was as Head of Acquisition on Myprotein (THG). He has spent the last 8 years working on both the client and agency side, running paid marketing. Brands he’s worked on previously include: Not On The High Street, Three, Lululemon and Betfair.

This is how a typical day looks for Adam at the moment.

7 a.m.: I am not a morning person. My 7am alarm goes off, and after a couple of snoozes, I am up and in the shower. I try to resist the urge to check my phone first thing as I get sucked in, but I listen to a podcast. I’m obsessed with podcasts. According to my podcast app, I’ve listened to 43 days worth of podcasts so far this year, which is insane. I mix it up between work (The High-Performance Podcast, Marketing Week, Campaign) sports, (Football Ramble, Wrestle Me), and tech podcasts (Pivot, The Wired Podcast).

8 a.m.: I set off on my 50-minute drive into Wilmslow from North Manchester in the podcast wagon. I pick up Mark on the way, who is our Head of Business Intelligence.

9 a.m.: When I get in the office, the first step is to catch up on emails and check my calendar. I like to plan out my day, ensuring space for focused work. I’m a big believer in timeboxing and always have my most productive days when I plan them out like this. Since we launched Fearless Adventures to the public, we have had a ton of interest from businesses wanting to pitch to us. For now, I spend most of my time speaking to these. 

9:30 a.m.: I catch up with my team on their priorities for the day/week and discuss the meetings we’ve got coming up. We’re currently working on building performance dashboards, setting up affiliate programs, and auditing the current marketing strategy.

10-12 a.m.:  Time to listen to some pitches from businesses that have reached out to us for investment. We love to hear founders’ stories

and how they’ve built up their business so far. We’re primarily looking for companies in the e-commerce space. Ideally, they’ll have already generated over £100k in revenue to date and proved they have an attractive product. We ask about their story, performance to date, what investment and support they are looking for, and answer any questions they have for us. 

Noon: Following a couple of calls, we debrief and discuss what we liked about the companies. We decide whether it’s a good investment for us at Fearless Adventures, and whether to move forward to meet the founders. Everyone looks at the opportunities from a different lens. This helps to get different views from a financial, marketing and talent perspective.

1 p.m.: It’s been refreshing after working from home for so long to be working right next to the high street in Wilmslow. I’m still a sucker for a quick meal deal most days, but there are some great options like Wrap Studio, Petit Delice, and Nourish. Today it’s a soup and a sandwich from Konak Cafe with Mark and Oli from our partner Pets Purest. 

2-4 p.m.: I spend the afternoon working with our marketing manager, Hattie, and our designer, Esme, to create a presentation for our initial investors. This is to update them on what we’ve been up to since launch and how our pipeline and deals are progressing.

4 p.m.: For the last part of the day, I see how the team is getting on and deal with anything that requires my attention. We use Notion to track the investment pipeline and write down notes. I check over Notion to see if there’s anything that needs replying to by the end of the day.

5 p.m: I use the end of the day to read a few articles and check Twitter. I use Twitter to follow people within the marketing industry to stay on top of the latest talking points. I’ve found Twitter to be a great resource my whole career, and it’s always been the platform that’s drawn me in the most.

5:30 p.m.: Time to leave the office and head back to North Manchester.

7 p.m.: I try my best to switch off from work on a night – which was hard to do during lockdown, without having a clear separation between home and office. I have dinner with my wife and watch a couple of episodes of Schitts Creek. We get a Gousto box for weeknight meals for the convenience and to save us going to the shop every night.

10 p.m.: Off to bed with my Kindle which helps me nod off. Tonight I’m reading a chapter of Think Again by Adam Grant.