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Monday Marketing Adventures | No.04

Welcome to This Week's Marketing Round-up: Insights, Updates, and Tools for Founders and Teams

This week's Marketing Round-up explores the benefits of using blogs and newsletters to increase visibility and build leads. As always, we are highlighting our favourite social platform updates. Let's get into it!

📈 Industry Insights: The Power of Storytelling for Founders

Founders take advantage of blogs and newsletters. While 77% of internet users still read blogs regularly, only 60% of businesses are leveraging this opportunity.

Blogs are excellent for incorporating keywords and SEO strategies. Publishing valuable content can improve your search engine rankings and attract customers to your site.

🤳 Social Media Platform Updates

  • Instagram - Join the Instagram creator marketplace in Meta Business Suite. Creators can then indicate brands that align with them and create a portfolio to highlight what makes them unique.
  • TikTok - Tiktok is introducing a new avenue for digital marketing: Virtual Influencers. Choose from a selection of pre-built stock avatars or custom avatars generated by creators or brands themselves.
  • Instagram - The head of Instagram, Mosseri, recently told us that share rates are now a key driver for reach, so they have more sway than likes and comments.

🚀 Marketing Tips and Tools for Founders

If you aren't already, you need to start using LinkedIn newsletters; it will...
  1.  Increase your reach and engagement - Reach your target audience directly. Subscribers will get notifications each time a newsletter is posted, which will increase your visibility!
  2.  Establish authority - posting insightful content regularly will establish your authority in your industry. It's a great way to boost trust.
  3.  Drive traffic - By including links to your website, you can generate leads and convert interested readers into potential customers.