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Fearless Inbound Insights, Latest Summit Episodes & A Small Business Spotlight

This blog will focus on exclusive investment insights from our inbound inquiries, along with our latest summit podcast episodes. But that's not all - we also have an exciting business spotlight at the end that you won't want to miss.

So, sit back, relax, and grab a cup of coffee as we try to add a little value to your venture.

Fearless Adventures Inbound Insights

On a monthly basis, we typically receive 40-50 investment inquiries. Today, we are excited to share a breakdown of our Q1 insights, which includes statistics on female founders, location findings, and the average funding amounts sought by different sectors. 

Fearless Females 

We’re acutely aware of the funding disparity between women-founded and male-founded businesses in the UK, as highlighted by a report by the British Business Bank.

Our own Q1 data analysis also reveals that female founders ask for 13% less investment capital than their male counterparts when pitching their businesses. This discrepancy emphasises the need for greater support and investment in female-founded businesses to promote equality in the investment space.

At Fearless Adventures, we are committed to eliminating these barriers to investment. As part of our efforts, we became signatories to the Investing In Women Code in February 2022. This demonstrates our commitment to promoting gender equality and closing the gap that exists between male and female entrepreneurs. In fact, we are proud to share that all of our investee businesses in our current portfolio are either female-founded or co-founded.

To learn more about the Investing In Women Code, visit here.

Location Findings

Did you know that businesses founded in London tend to ask for a whopping 55% more investment capital compared to those in the north?

Our inbound data has shown us this interesting trend, which can put northern-based businesses at a disadvantage when it comes to excelling in growth compared to their southern competitors. But we’re not just sitting on this information - we're making moves to promote investment in underrepresented areas of the country!

That's why we've partnered with Novus Capital to bring London investment opportunities to the north. Together, we're creating a platform for emerging talent to pitch their ideas and connect with potential investors. 

On the 21st of June, multiple start-up and scale-up businesses will have the chance to pitch their ideas to a range of potential investors. 

So, if you’re a northern-based founder get applying to pitch here.

If you’re a fearless investor interested in attending, please sign-up here.

Average Amount Looking To Raise 

As a final insight to share, let's take a look at the different industries that approach us and how much capital they typically ask for.

🍺 For the Food and Beverage industry, we receive an average enquiry of £850,000. 

📱 For Tech companies, it comes in much higher at £1,400,000.

👗  And Apparel Fashion tends to come in at a significantly less number than the two, with £250,000.

Whilst it’s interesting to see how different industries have varying needs and expectations when it comes to capital, ultimately the amount requested is predominantly influenced by various factors, such as the specific requirements of each company, the potential for growth, and the overall needs of the industry.

At Fearless Adventures, we’re constantly on the lookout to support and invest in businesses across a range of sectors. Especially, if you’re a business that fits the below criteria, make sure you get in touch with us here.

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The Summit Episodes 

Since we’ve spoken last, two incredible episodes of The Summit have gone live, so let’s catch up on what you’ve missed 👇🏻

Scott Rudd and Emma Tapper, Co-founders of Miniml

For this episode, our very own partners join us, Scott Rudd and Emma Tapper to discuss what it takes to build a sustainable brand from scratch.

Scott and Emma also touch on:

🧠 Adapting to become a leader
👩🏼‍🔧 Developing a manufacturing company
💡 The lessons to be learned from mistakes
🚀 The Future of Miniml

To view the full episode, head here. 

Jonny Marsh - Private Chef 

Jonny joins us to talk about his fascinating story from working at restaurants at the age of 14 to becoming one of the go-to Private Chefs for an array of football stars.

In this episode, you can expect Jonny to touch on:

🚀 Kicking off his career at 14
🛥 Cooking on private yachts
🧠 Working smarter, not harder
📲 How gaining exposure skyrocketed his career 
And so much more...

Small Business Spotlight: Nursem

Screenshot 2023-05-26 at 14.50.53

We are spotlighting Nursem, a skincare brand that uses 100% natural ingredients.
Founded by a pediatric nurse, this skincare brand has a fascinating story. Antonia, co-founder of Nursem said her brand was “born on a nursing ward.”

After experiencing sore, cracked, and bleeding hands as a common side effect of working as a nurse, Anntonia and her husband began curating a hand cream formula to eliminate this. 

With strong agreement on being effective, natural and something nurses could use repeatedly throughout a busy shift, they worked closely with a group of British nurses, laboratories, and Newcastle Science City to create their brand, Nursem.

In September 2020, Nursem appeared on Dragon’s Den pitching for an investment. After an impressive pitch with all 5 dragons wanting to invest, they agreed on a deal with Tej Lalvani for a 5% stake in the business.

Following the success of appearing on Dragons Den as well as This Morning, Nursem is still helping thousands of nurses each day, with co-founder Anntonio commenting “We very recently reached 10,000 nurses and midwives helped as part of the Nursem Promise. That was a huge moment for us, as it’s something we’ve been working towards for the last few years.”
To check out Nursem, head here.