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Fearless Fridays Newsletter | Investor Founder Relationships, Our Timeline & Small Business Spotlight (Clone)

Welcome back! This week, let's talk about Fearless Adventures. We want to highlight our journey and approach to investor-founder relationships. Let's see how we can work together and introduce you to a fantastic small business that caught our attention!

As always, we hope this adds a little value to your venture. Enjoy!👇

Investor Founder Relationship

Investor-founder relationships vary. Traditionally, VCs invest capital and then leave the business be, just checking in from time to time to review numbers and growth.

At Fearless Adventures, we believe in our embedded venture capital model. From the day we invest in a partner, we become an extension of their team. This means we work much more collaboratively with founders, ensure we're all aligned in reaching the same goals together, and check in regularly.

If you'd like to know more about how we work to support our partners drop us an email at

Fearless Adventures Timeline

Fearless Adventures > The genesis of Fearless Adventures came from its founders' frustration. While the options for investment funding seem vast, founders are often left alone to deal with the complex challenges that scaling a business can bring. In response, we've built an ecosystem offering capital and wrap-around support.

Fearless Fulfilment > Fearless Fulfilment emerged to address a critical gap we observed: our partners struggled to find affordable and suitable fulfilment options. We stepped in to provide solutions tailored to their needs.

Basecamp Skills > is an award-winning, fully funded digital marketing Bootcamp. With locations nationwide, we nurture, coach and develop anyone over 19 looking to retrain or upskill in all things digital. Our graduates can then transition to Basecamp Talent.

Basecamp Talent > Created to offer a genuine talent service to startups and scale-ups across the UK. One prominent challenge startups face is finding the right people to scale their business effectively. Our hiring specialists passionately support founders in building world-class marketing, operations, and sales teams and can hire skilled professionals directly from our training programs!

Cohort 13 is accepting applications!

Our immersive, inspiring, and interactive Bootcamp is delivered over 12 weeks. All learners will be taught by the Fearless Adventures marketing experts, who cover all the fundamentals of digital marketing. With mentorship and guidance at the heart of everything we do, our learning environment is supportive and immersive. Here, learners get future-proofed skills training from industry leaders.

We're proud to guarantee a job interview for all course graduates.

Cohort 13 is starting soon, so you can sign up here and contact us here,

Or if you are interested in becoming a hiring partner, drop us an email

Small Business Spotlight: Black Dog EQ

Introducing our small business spotlight Black Dog EQ . An innovative business founded by one of our Basecamp Skills graduates, Christopher G.

Black Dog EQ is a clothing brand raising awareness of the issues surrounding Men's mental health but, more importantly, giving people the skills to talk about, listen to, and support those in need of help. Christopher tells us, "The clothing is designed to create conversation around mental health, open dialogue, which is often difficult, and show others that you are open to talking. Someone's waiting for you to ask them, How are you?"

Awareness and support are in multiple mediums, including hand-finished apparel targeted towards starting conversations, tips and advice through social media, and through coaching of Emotional Intelligence on both personal and commercial levels.

"I really wanted to get that conversation going. It's definitely something that needs to happen. And I don't think we're doing it in the right way yet. So if I can create a platform to talk about these things and kind of raise the awareness and educate around it. If I help one person or 10 people, then I've benefited a little bit."

Check out Black Dog EQ here: