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What is the Investing in Women Code?

Fearless Adventures are proud to be signed up to the Investing in Women Code, but what does this really mean?

Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 16.45.13Investing in Women Code

The Investing in Women Code is a commitment to supporting the advancement of female entrepreneurship in the United Kingdom by improving female entrepreneurs’ access to tools, resources and finance from the financial services sector. 

In a recent study of all 4.4m active UK companies, 17% of all active companies are led by women, but they only managed to attract less than 12% of 1.3m investments made in UK firms.

By becoming signatories to the Investing In Women Code, we are dedicated to eliminating the inequality that exists in the investment space between male and female entrepreneurs. 

The first stage of this process is committing to a long-term investment approach that is agnostic in terms of gender, race and background.


Why did Fearless Adventures choose to become signatories?

A diverse and inclusive business ecosystem is good for customers, entrepreneurs, businesses, investors, and society. All of the businesses we’ve invested in so far are female-founded or co-founded, and we want to continue our commitment to supporting female entrepreneurs. By investing in female founders from the ground up, we are contributing to future wealth creation for this minority group.  

We are committed to creating a culture of inclusion and to advancing access to capital for female entrepreneurs. 

Our commitments as signatories are as follows:

  1. Nominating a member of the senior leadership team responsible for supporting equality.
  2. Providing data to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy nominated industry bodies to be published annually on an aggregated and anonymised basis.
  3. Adopt internal practices to improve female entrepreneurs’ access to finance needed to start and grow successful businesses.

Rachel McDonald, our Managing Director, said: “From the inception of Fearless Adventures, we had ambitions to build a business that reflected society. Creating a diverse and inclusive culture is in our DNA, and our partner portfolio to date reflects this in their gender, ethnicity, and regionality. 

Every day Fearless Adventures' hears from an abundance of founders, and for those businesses that might not be ready for investment, we continue to provide a selection of useful resources and initiatives to add significant value. We feel a wider responsibility to support the entrepreneurial community and plan to expand our strategic offering further.”

Our goal is to tap into the huge unrealised economic potential of female entrepreneurs by making the UK one of the best countries in the world for women to start and grow a business.