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Introducing Shipster

We’re excited to announce we’ve partnered with Shipster, an Oddsphere shipping platform for businesses in need of custom shipping integrations with any courier, warehouse or sales system.

Who is Shipster?


Shipster allows customers to uniquely automate the allocation of shipments to the correct shipping service based on any criteria, e.g. parcel weight, destination, date, product type and store collection.

Offering custom shipping at a fraction of the cost of its competitors, they have quickly built a growing client list of next-generation Direct-at-Consumer (D2C), ecommerce businesses, including Missy Empire, Lounge and Oh Polly.


Shipster understands that shipping is not a one-size-fits-all, that’s why they provide a flexible and customisable shipping technology where they tailor their approach to your exact needs and adapt their software to a business’s needs.  

Why They’re Diffe


As soon as a consumer pays for an order, Shipster automatically creates shipments and courier bookings and generates and prints all shipping and tracking documentation.

It’s an innovative platform, collecting data about shipments from your platform, processing the data, feeding it through the rules engine, contacting the courier and booking the shipment while also printing any relevant documents. 

Why did Fear

less Adventures invest?

Fearless Adventures decided to invest as they acknowledge Shipster fulfills a crucial gap in the market for this. Our visions aligned with each other and we realized by backing Shipster, we could move forward together rapidly. 

With our help, we will be offering marketing services across the board as well as expanding the Shipster team. Being one of the first businesses we’ve invested in, we knew it was the perfect ecommerce business we were looking for and fit our model completely.

David Newns, co-founder of Fearless Adventures, stated: “No one has truly disrupted the logistics space until now, so it’s an exciting opportunity. They’re making a real difference in the warehouses of promising ecommerce brands, and in the process made themselves an essential building block in tomorrow’s e-commerce economy.”

Why did Shipster choose Fearless Adventures?

Hayley Cowburn, co-founder of Shipster, stated: “We want people who have ‘done it before’ and can share their experience and expertise. The Fearless Adventures’ team is different; they’re clear, honest, and have a genuine sense of excitement for our company’s future. The team is exactly what we need to grow.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Shipster and we are very excited to be on this growth journey alongside them!